We select the best excipients
and chemical specialities for your processes

About us

At Oxi-Med Expres, we distribute and sell high-quality excipients and raw materials for a number of sectors (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and perfumery, among others).

We help clients in their projects from start to finish, advising them in formulation, searching for solutions and, in short, creating close relationships with them based on trust and collaboration.

Product Quality

We represent prestigious brands and products. We provide the relevant documentation with the original packaging of the manufacturer.

Advice and Proactiveness

As a result of our technical training, we are able to offer high-level technical support. We advise you, work with you and search for solutions.

Agility and Speed

We deliver products in stock within 24-48 hours.

Trust and Proximity

We are a family-owned business. This enables us to form close ties with our customers.

Our history

  1. Oxi-Med Expres was founded and acted as an agent for a number of companies.

  2. It began to act as representative and distributor for Sasol Performance Chemical..

    Specialisations in personal care & pharmaceuticals: NACOL, NAFOL, ISOFOL, COSMACOL, LIPOXOL, CERALUTION, MARLINAT, MARLIPAL, PARAFOL, etc.

  3. Start of representation of the firm Berg+Schmidt.

    With brands such as BergaBest, BergaCare, BergaSoft, BergaMuls, BergaSom, GlyAcid, BergaScrub, etc.

  4. Naturalis becomes part of the group of companies represented (with brands such as Niosomas, Phyto-Complex, Phyto-Care, Vege-Milks, Anacryn, Cuticlex, LEMA 14A, etc.).

    Sasol ranges MIGLYOL, SOFTIGEN, SOFTISAN, IMWITOR, WITEPSOL, WITARIX, DYNASAN, become part of Cremer Oleo, ensuring that Oxi Med Express continues to represent the pharmaceuticals sector (Cremer Health)

  5. It also represents Cremer Oleo in the cosmetics sector (Cremer Care)

  6. Cremer Health and Cremer Care become part of IOI Oleo (IOI Pharma + IOI Personal Care).


Cosmetics and Perfumery


Food & Dietary Supplements

We have a presence in this sector with various ingredients and raw materials used in food and beverage production.
We have accreditation from RSIPAC (the Health Register of Food Industries and Products of Catalonia).


We have a top range of performance chemicals used in other sectors of the chemicals industry, providing innovative solutions within a technological and environmental context.